The Electoral Justice Project

Building Civic Power for Black Lives

The Electoral Justice Project (EJP) is a project of the Movement for Black Lives that seeks to continue a long legacy of social movements fighting for the advancement of the rights of Black folks through electoral strategy. We recognize that electoral work alone will not change the conditions plaguing Black communities, but we believe that Black people deserve a loving and strategic political home to seek transformational political change.

EJP seeks to do the following

  • Develop a Black Political Identity by investing in building a black radical political project and translating our public policy demands & national platform to further connect with our people.

  • Grow the Capacity of Black led Grassroot Organizations to champion a political strategy in their communities.

  • Expand & Mobilize the Black Electorate by recruiting, training, and sending out Black messengers to engage Black voters on local issues that affect their lives.

  • Build a Political Home for ALL Black people.

Wakanda the Vote

The Movement for Black Lives has always believed in meeting people where they are and this weekend we’ll be in Wakanda! 2018 is a crucial year for midterm elections and this Spring and November we can vote for the world we deserve. We don’t have to be superheroes to #wakandathevote!

With our Wakanda inspired outfits on, we’ll be registering folks in lines for Black Panther this weekend all over the country. Text PANTHER to 91990 to create your own event and #wakandathevote.

Need to register to vote? Text WAKANDA to 91990.